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Snow-Blind on a Hunt

Snow-Blind on a Hunt

The tiger's fur is hoarfrost
Sibir that blinds my eyes.

And while I cannot tell a sky
from brown ground, I can tell
the oily lucency

of sun from white. It's only
yellow trapped in white,

or white transuding

         honey,      syrup,         smashed

cloudberry a screeching colour-
pandemonium de-
colorizing when

it thins toward the white.

And when I shoot, in blind,
through white and yellow,

I hear the light calando

sound of tiger
paws on ground; at first
from a distance, then

from more, and gone.

The Paw of a Cat

The Paw of a Cat

When I passed the black
cat in these ocher velds,

time followed the lengths
of them in speed. On its

paws, it balanced on its
paws, in oat and canola.

How patient it seemed,
at peace, a mute soloist

whose paw are mossed
by barley   grass  moss

and then  alfalfa when
it moved a paw as though

to wave hello. Hello,
I thought, not waving.

Aug. 27th, 2007


Leda: introduction

This is how she, below sky below you, parades on each

heat-crippled field  swallowed not in shadow, but in sun:

a swan, whose wings ascend, descend,  come away in

ledaean white, as when, in light and in not-light, she is

dancing, feet brush/ fail, brush/ fail hot asphalt–this

 is how it goes, her motion, not rushed not hurried.

             Zeus: watching

Feather-rustler. Wind-rippler. Swan-transform-

er. You taste her from above.

You have no lips.

              Leda and the Swan: yearning

Here, on a field splotched by your wing-shadows, she's in un-moving.

A sound–

                  can it be: wings unbroken, soft, in the air?

In equal parts result as impulse she looks up at– is astounded.

(–at you in swan-form, all-white descending

from sky and from them, from all things



Part of your point to find, to damp on someone else your hunger

What an Autumn Sky Looks like

Light seeps through redwood
leaves and Tuscany windows
— a sun's smudged makeup.

The most scary thing

. . . happened today.

I was on the football field - as I always am - and I knew a few of those kids that were there (4 years younger than me), and I played a little with them. It's funny - people always begin beaming when I do. I guess I'm pretty well-known in the Hinna football community, but then one of these kids (8 years younger than me) came and asked one of these kids (who I hadn't given my name to), who I was, and two of them answered: James. And I was - like - WHAT!? And then three other of those kids said: is that James? Cool. And the kids that were 8 years younger said: Ooh. And then they asked me to do the earth around the ball twice. And I did, quite surprised and finding the whole thing pretty funny.

Then, after some time, I figured some of the kids were the younger kid to one of my (girl) classmates, and I started talking with him. And then he said: "did you quit a little while ago (on football)?" and I, surprised again, said "How did you know". And he said: "Well, my DAD [who's not a trainer or anything] said he had HEARD that I had quit." Me at that point: super confused. "He did. rofl. Did Anna tell him [my classmate, who I once had a crush on]?" And he said: "No, it was some of the other PARENTS he talked to that had said it to him. But, she knew too, because when he said it at the DINNER table she said she knew too."

And at that point I just laughed.

Then one of the B9 (coach for boys 9) - who I've only seen a few times - passed by and said hello. I mean - WHAT?

Really, really funny. Guys, it seems I'm famous! :D

(Other info: two days ago, I was on the football field as well, and just played when B17 coach asked me to play. When they had finished, B13 had football training, and I was asked to help them with their training. Other things have happened to, but today was just insane -  I mean, have EVERYONE heard of me?]

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