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inevitably watching the sun fall

a sun's smudged makeup on the horizon

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ahtlete. poet. runner. writer; lover of Oxford commas. sesquipedalianism. staccatoism. syntax, in particular (how to bend it: make new use of it). Doctor Who watcher. alpinist. dreamer. bibliophile. postmodernist. contemporarian. peripatecian. Anti-epicurean. reader of: e. e. cummings. w. c. williams. c. phillips. w. b. yeats. occasionally t. s. elliot. auden. sappho. cicero.
alpine skiing, anne carson, apostrophes, art, arthurian times, aslan, asteriks, australia, autumn, black ink, blue ink, books, british spelling, c. d. young, calvin and hobbes, carl phillips, carolyn forche, castles, cate marvin, cathedrals, chocolate, christmas, classical music, claudia emerson, climbing, colon, david tennant wearing glasses, doctor who, dreams, einstein, einsteinian mechanics, em-dashes & en-dashes, england, english, evenings, fan fiction, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, football, fountain pens, fragment sentences, friends, fruit cakes, gabriel garcia marquez, gothical, grammar, graphics, handwritten letters, harry potter, his dark materials, history, horror, icarus, ink in mouth, ink on face, ink on hands, inkblots, ireland, j.r.r. tolkien, jack gilbert, james blunt, james elroy flecker, jane austen, joshua corey, jrr tolkien, legends, literature, london, long & agglomerated sentences, long and agglomerated sentences, lotr, louise gluck, lucia perillo, mark doty, medieval, megan o'rourke, metaphors, mind your language, mnff forums, monochromaticness, mugglenet, mythology, niall williams, northern lights, norway, nymphadora tonks, oxford comma, parentheses, perfectionism, pink floyd, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pointy black pens, pretentiousness, r2-d2, rain, randomness, reading, regulus black, remus lupin, richard siken, roy jacobsen, run-on prose, run-ons, running, sarcasm, save the apostrophes, scotland, seamus heany, semicolons, shakespeare, sidney wade, similies, sina queyras, sirius black, sophocles, spring, squash, styx, summer, sunset, sylvia plath, syntax, t. s. eliot, tea, ted tonks, ten, ten/romana, the beatles, the blacks, the hollow men, the marauders, the oxford comma, the silmarillion, the smell of books, thunderstorms, time, training, trenchcoats, twilight, u2, violin, william carlos williams, winter, words, world cup, writing, yoda